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Enigma 2 azboxhd : RTI core RC6


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30 Marzo 2006
RTi core RC6 Enigma 2 Image :

Based on completly new Drivers and new Kernel.

This Enigma 2 Image is for DOM Install !!!

USE AzUP 2.1 to Install this Image in Your device ( Download AzUP 2.1 here )

What is new :

- All drivers are rewriten and placed in Kernel space !!!

- Completly new kernel ( from 2.6.22-19 upgraded to 2.6.29 )

- New DVB-S2 Tuner driver for Elite - Premium - Premium+ and Ultra

- DVB-T and DVB-C for all models comming very soon.

- Twin tuner support for Premium+ comming very soon.

- Completly new Gstreamer build by sattomy ( Support for seeking added and Improved stability and playback )

- New and enhanced Videomode ( A/V Settings ) by telesat ( Added settings for DTS and AC3 )

- Deinterlace ( 1, 2, 3 - 1 and 2 give so far best result on our tests )

- Digital Audio settings ( Inside of A/V Settings )

- MediaCenter Plugin by sattomy

- Fixed problem for HD channels on 23.5 , 13 E, 0.8 and 30 w

- Improved Video quality

- Better STC compensation ( Switching to / from AC3 or DTS fixed )

Small Info :

- Now You are also able to play WMA files , only thing what You have to do is to rename WMA extension to WAV , as Enigma 2 doesnt recognise WMA extension ( However, we will patch soon Enigma 2 to be able to recognise .wma extension ).

Still You can expect some bugs which will be improved after implementation of DVB-T, DVB-C, ISDB-T and Twin Tuner support ( Premium+ )

We would like to ask all of You to make Feedback as much as possible.
Ragazzi, vorrei mettere enigma 2 sul mio azbox premium plus. Ora ho da farvi qualche domanda in proposito però, io uso AZBOX per dtt in chiaro, satellite in chiaro e ho installato il multicas per scheda tivusat, volendo installare enigma 2, ho le stesse funzioni che ho prima?? posso installare multicas, CCcam ecc... funziona bene sia con il dtt che con il satellite?? dove posso trovare una guida per installare tutto correttamente?? Poi posso fare un ripristino senza recare danni?? Graze.
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